Griffin LUT 旨在让您的 Mavic 镜头大放异彩。它们是从头开始建造的,考虑到了航拍镜头。非常适合在 Mavic 上拍摄 D-Log 的任何人,并包括 709 个版本以添加到已校正的镜头中。在几秒钟内解锁航拍镜头的美丽!

Griffin LUTS兼容

  • Ground Control LUTs are compatible with:
  • Davinci Resolve 9 and Later
  • Adobe Speedgrade CC and Later
  • Final Cut Pro X * (LUT Utility Required)
  • Adobe After Effects CC and Later
  • Adobe Premiere CC and Later
  • Adobe Media Encoder CC and Later
  • Adobe Photoshop CC and Later
  • And even more apps using Red Giant LUT Buddy!

注意:所有这些 LUT 都是 .cube、.3DL 和 .mga 格式的 3D LUT。

Note: All of these LUTs are 3D LUTs in .cube, .3DL, and .mga formats.