The RunNGun – AEROLUX LUT 模仿柯达红外胶片LUTs包

AeroLux 拥有丰富的深蓝色和鲜红的树叶,是我创建过的最喜欢的预设之一。我设计的 AeroLux LUT 非常模仿柯达著名但已停产的红外胶片 Aerochrome 的外观。

仅仅因为您不能再购买胶片并不意味着您应该错过这种独特的 IR 外观,它会让您的照片看起来与这个世界完全不同。AeroLux 最适合拍摄郁郁葱葱的绿叶和多云的蓝天的照片。使用#aeroluxlut 以便我可以看到您的编辑!

With rich, deep blues and bright red foliage, AeroLux is one of my favorite presets I’ve ever created. I designed the AeroLux LUT to closely mimic the look of Kodak’s famous but discontinued Infrared film, Aerochrome.

Just because you can’t buy the film anymore doesn’t mean you should miss out on this unique IR look that will make your photographs look 0ut of this world. AeroLux works best on photos with lush, green foliage and cloudy blue skies. Use #aeroluxlut so I can see your edits!